About Ghetto Exposed

Ghetto Exposed Foundation trains disadvantaged youth in developing countries who have an artistic talent to become professionals. By developing these talents to a high level Ghetto Exposed offers motivated young people a better future.

Artistic talent is a gift, a present. Suppose you have that talent. Wouldn’t it be great to make your profession out of it? We got that opportunity. And we believe everyone deserves the same chance. But that’s not how things work in this world.
Pity! Cause there is plenty of talent , for instance in the many slums of Kenya. It often is the only thing young people have to stand out.

Poor and without any money for vocational education, chances to escape the hard life in the slums are little. Ghetto Exposed wants to show these 'hidden' talents: "Exposing the positive side”. Even more important, we want to help the jewels among those talented young people to achieve their artistic talents. That’s why we train this select group to become professionals. Together we explore the options to create a market for their talent. We want them to make money out of it so they can improve their lives. They deserve that!

The endless energy and motivation of these young people touched and inspires us greatly. If they get a chance to change something, they will grab it with both hands. Together with a Kenyan team, we work really hard to reach our goals. We ensure that every euro will be well spent. Support Ghetto Exposed: "Expose your positive side!"