GE Dance update

“GE assures me of having a promising future after three years because I can use dance for a living and not only just being a dancer but a courageous dancer, not afraid to show what I have because I will be a professional dancer with experience.” (Quote: Motivation letter of Moses Ng’ang’a)

Selecting students for a dance training program is not easy, just like becoming a dancer is not easy. Becoming a dancer takes talent, energy, discipline, motivation, flexibility in body and mind, dedication, passion, optimism, confidence, social skills but also the ability of putting yourself first. Saying to yourself: This is now the most important thing in the world and I deserve to spend my time on my development. That is not easy, especially if you grow up in a society where you as a youth can be looked upon as someone who should help out the family at home or by working. That’s why the motivation of our participants is very important to us. Only with a strong motivation someone will be able to sacrifice other things to spend his/her time training with us. Selecting students is a big challenge, since it is important to know who has all the qualities mentioned above and who can finish the program successfully.

During the training sessions in the month January (we train 10 hours a week) we’ve worked on strengthening our group of dance students and one of our assignments was to write a motivation letter for taking part in GE. We would like to share some of their opinions about becoming a dancer and about Ghetto Exposed. 

“I embrace dance as an art that expresses different types of cultures. I love dance as it is my passion since my childhood. I want to become a professional dancer who can dance to any type of music. GE will help me to learn different dances and also to have respect in dance.” (Merica Wansonga)

“Ballet is a unique kind of dance that I enjoy very much, it helps me a lot physically, mentally and even spiritually, because I love it! I would like to know all about ballet and would like to teach others as well in the near future” (Nur Ramadhan)

“Ghetto Exposed has given me the chance to improve my talent and also learn new dancing styles. Here I feel so much at home and I’ve also learnt how to relate to different people. As the name suggests, it exposes and showcases youth’s talents to different audiences and this motivates us to do even better.” (Cynthia Atieno)

“GE is helping me and will help me to be a professional dancer, a star of my own and a people’s hero. I really need to be an all round dancer, that is to have knowledge in most of dance styles, if not all.”(Victor Mishael Okumu)

“What I like about GE is that they start with the basic training to help us lay the foundation and also help discover our potential when it comes to our bodies.” (Jacinta Wariara)

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